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Cushioning, Wrapping and Protective Products

We can supply a wide range of adhesive sealing tapes in every popular width and length. Buff and clear tapes are available in all grades, whilst a range of various coloured and printed tapes are available in vinyl (pvc).Special printed tapes with your name and logos can also be supplied subject to suitable quantities. Listed below are the most popular sizes, but we can supply you tape from 12mm up to 75mm wide. Please call for details.

Bubble wrap products

Bubble wrap film is a low cost, clean, flexible and very light protective packaging ideal for cushioning goods in store or during transportation. We can also supply you a range of anti-static bubble wrap on rolls. Bubble wrap bags are also available in both standard and anti-static material.

Corrugated paper on rolls

Corrugated rolls are made entirely from recycled paper which offers a low cost protective product.

Polystyrene loosefill

Polystyrene loosefill is light in weight and ideal for cushioning your products.

Air cushion machines

Air cushion machines eliminate the need for storage of other void fill products like loosefill and bubble wrap. An internal air source inflates pre-made polythene film which produces different cushion shapes to suit a variety of packaging applications.  These machine are fast and virtually maintenance free and are powered by a standard plug. Machines can be supplied on free rental if film usage is adequate.

Pallet stretchwrap

Stretchwrap is the most effective way to palletise and secure your products. It is available in many different widths and thicknessess to suit your packaging requirements.

Bubble Wrap
Corrugated Paper
Air Cushion
Stretch Wrap

More protective and wrapping products available from stock include:-

  • Bubble bags
  • Bubble blanket
  • Furniture blankets
  • Foam on a roll
  • Hessian sheeting
  • Jiffy padded bags
  • Kraft paper rolls
  • Kraft paper sheets
  • Lay flat polythene tubing
  • Mail lite padded bags
  • Paper 4 ply blankets
  • Polythene furniture covers
  • Polythene mattress covers
  • Polythene sheeting on a roll
  • Tissue paper
  • White news offcuts packing paper